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Derrick B Thomas MFPT
Past President

Highly trained by Toastmaster Training Ltd.
When the need arises and the situation calls for procedure, etiquette, protocol and discrete guidance, I will be pleased to offer my professional services as a Toastmaster.

I am skilled to act as:
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Surrogate Host
  • Management Specialist
  • Event co-ordinator
  • Compére
  • Presenter
  • Group organiser
Having a professional Toastmaster helps with your special day, I will;
1. Take away the responsibilities of running the day.
2. Oversee the arrival of guests, organise a receiving line and announce them.
3. Advise on top table seating and other matters of protocol (eg) who says grace and whether a receiving line is needed.
4. Someone to control the event and avoid any pitfalls.
5. Take care of receipt of gifts.
6. Make arrangements for the entrance of Bride and Groom or President of the event.
7. Announce and say grace.
8. Support and liaise with Banqueting Manager and Caterers to ensure smooth catering arrangements.
9. Take charge of cutting the cake, taking the photographs and introducing speakers/presentations.
10. Ensure entertainers run to schedule.
11. Recognise the role of the photographer.
12. Supervise and announce the departure of the Bride and Groom or close the event.
Derrick B Thomas

Derrick B Thomas - Author
Derrick has written a book about his fascinating life -
Hold Onto Your Dreams
Since I was fortunate enough to be chosen as an Olympic Torch Bearer at 2012 games in England. I have been giving talks in schools in the UK and most recently in Barbados and planned to do the same in New York this summer with the hope of motivating and inspiring young people to strive to achieve their goals by obtaining a good education.

" I grew up in Mackenzie (Linden) Guyana, South America, and unlike many, I was lucky to have a good education and a comfortable Life."

" I was fortunate , perhaps you say stubborn and determined , and was able to make a success of my life."

" But that did not and does not blind me to the many around me who had to struggle to survive, its well known story of growing up in the "third world", as it was then called, that so many of the young people I remember faced a lifetime of struggle , poverty and doing anything legal or illegal , just to survive.

"As an African Caribbean when I moved to UK I saw at first hand the struggles many of my compatriots were having a hard time trying to find work despite their qualifications and place to live in a land that was less than welcoming .

"Sadly, after a career that has taken me all over the world I have seen far too many young people today who are still born into poverty and still face the same uphill struggle to survive and thrive because of a lack of education, life chances and often in the face of prejudice.

" I hope my story, and its title, inspire you to never give up on your dreams and to seize the chances that may come your way" and I quote " Whatever the mind could conceived, you can achieve.

Derricks Book - Hold On To Your Dreams can be obtained via calling 07702312807. at a price of £6.99.
On the 5th July 2012 Derrick proudly carried the Olympic Torch in Ipswich
The torch is available for wedding and charity events by contacting Derrick for details

I have worked for St Lucia High Commissioner, Guyanese Nurses and Allied Professionals UK at Westminster Central Hall, House of Lord's tea party sponsored by Lord Herman Ousley for the Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust, 25th Anniversary of Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust at Goldsmith's Hall in the City of London and three James Bond Film Premiere in Aid of the East Anglian Ambulance Charity, Functions in Sweden, France, New York, Canada and Barbados.

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Derrick Thomas with his book
and the Olympic torch,
outside the Town Hall
on the Cornhill in Ipswich.
Derrick B Thomas
82, Stratford Court, Stratford Road
Ipswich, Suffolk
Tel 01473 517310 - Mobile: 07702 312807

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