The Federation of Professional Toastmasters
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Membership is open to both male and female applicants who are qualified by previous training and are able to demonstrate their competence and expertise by means of a written examination and an oral interview.

Application must be in writing, please fill in the Contact page in the first instance and we will get back to you. Arrangements will be made for the examination and interview on an agreed date and time at a suitable venue.

If successful the applicant will be offered ‘Associate Membership’ for a minimum period of six months, which may be extended at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

This period may be followed by a second interview to discuss any matters arising during the Associate Membership period. Further examination will be undertaken if considered necessary.

Following successful completion of the Associate Membership, Full Membership will be offered and the Federation jewel of office will be presented (this will remain the property of the Federation).

In addition an applicant may be requested to furnish evidence from a third party(s) to substantiate the applicant’s validity to become a member, together with a list of functions at which the applicant has officiated.

A joining fee and annual subscription (pro-rata) as applicable at the time shall be paid on being offered ‘Associate Membership’.

Membership of the Federation of Professional Toastmasters has the advantage of including vital insurance and indemnity which every toastmaster should carry.

Individuals who seek to be trained as a toastmaster with a view to applying for membership will be advised how best to achieve qualification by contacting the President or Hon. Secretary.

Following such training individuals will be encouraged to join the Federation at which time they will undertake examination as above. If successful then ongoing support will be provided to gain experience.